KMTM Salevits at Valhalla II

Sat 5th Jan 2019 - 12:39pm


KMTM Salevits has emerged once again, this time at the Danish tournament Valhalla 2.


Salevits commented on the matter: "Entering this tournament feels very very good and I'm very very confident. After seeing my pools, I knew I'd get in the bracket, free!


Initially, a Swedish player named Leffen had the first seed in Salevits' pool. However, after noticing the presence of KMTM esports, the Swede cowered in fear and DQ'd from the whole tournament, giving KMTM Salevits the #1 seed in the pool. Leffens fans were in shock after this happened, but only briefly, as they swiftly started to surround KMTM Salevits.  Hordes of people were reported bending their knee to the new righteous leader Salevits, chanting "The King of the North" in unison.



KMTM Salevits as the #1 seed after Leffen fled.



Join the chant at and follow KMTM esports success at Valhalla II!


This tournament also marks the first anniversary of the #1 smash esports team in Finland.




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