"Upset of the year" KMTM Salevits placement at Heir 5

Sun 19th Aug 2018 - 5:44pm Gaming


The finger-snappin' good KMTM Salevits places 33rd at the London-based Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament Heir 5. With the initial seed of 104, this is the "upset of the year" from the Finnish ninja princess.

Salevits comments on the matter: "Nähdään lauteilla".

That roughly translates to: "I am unfazed and inspired, I'll catch you at the drill and I love my sponsor KMTM esports".

After an amazing pools run, Salevits made it to winners bracket. Unfortunately not even the white Monster energy drink could save him as Salevits got brutally 3-0'd by the French player Mahie. Monster does not pay KMTM esports for this free ad, but they could.

In the losers bracket things started out promising when Salevits confidently two-stocked Schlimmshady's Dr. Mario in Dreamland. Game two was Final Destination, which Salevits barely lost but effectively counterpicked Battlefield resulting in a win. Next Salevits was dragged to Pokemon Stadium, where God of Stage Transformations was on Schlimmshadys side, resulting in 2-2. After a nerve-wracking last stock situation in Fountain of Dreams, Dr. Mario landed an electrifying front smash attack in the ninjas face pulverizing Salevits from the tournament.

Nevertheless, amazing result. Nothing less could be expected. The practice he has been forced to do is starting to bear fruit.

As for the rest of the Finnish team, the Peach main Paju also placed 33rd. Congratulations!

After coming back to Helsinki, Salevits will return to his grind.


 Kimotimo, KMTM esports




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