Dinner with KMTM Salevits and a BIG CHANGE

Sun 18th Feb 2018 - 9:12pm General Gaming

Last Tuesday, KMTM Salevits finally appeared in the Helsinki SmashWeekly event to hone his battling skills.

He had been doing imaginary exercise after Valhalla.

"100 shino stalls, 100 power shields, 100 chain throws, and 10 km wavedash back -> f-tilt every single day", KMTM Salevits told.

His contract with KMTM Esports concludes that he must eat a dinner with Kimotimo every week.

The dinner was cup soba noodles, which don't actually contain soba at all.

KMTM Salevits was still happy and flashed a smile. However, he asked for something healthier for the next weeks compulsory dinner.

While looking absolutely ripped with his signature controller in his hand, colours matching with the cup noodle lid, there was something different with him.

After a long and awkward stare, he confessed:

"I am going to change my grip. Normal grip is not optimal so I'm learning a new one to be able to shino stall better in teams. I even made customizations to my controller. That's how serious I am with Super Smash Bros. Melee, and KMTM Esports."

Here's a picture of your boy with the new grip.

It evokes hope of him actually winning against Donkey Kong in the future.

Will KMTM Salevits slay the new grip? Will he show up for the next SmashWeekly? Will he get a healthier meal?!

Find out next week, or later.


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Editors note: Some of Sales words may have been rephrased.




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