Armada acknowledges KMTM Esports

Sun 18th Feb 2018 - 11:52pm General


Armada (Adam Lindgren), the best Super Smash Bros. Melee player in the world approved KMTM Esports on Twitter.

It is clear that Armada respects KMTM Esports and wants KMTM Esports to thrive.

He showed his support by retweeting a photo of KMTM Salevits playing with the team jersey on.


Kimotimo of KMTM esports commented on the matter:

"Living in the neighbouring countries, it is not surprising that this happened. We are amused by his interest in us. It is not unthinkable to consider offering him a spot in our team one day." 

The future will tell what happens from now on.

"If Armada gives me a follow, I'll be sure to send him an offer he can't resist. Not to go too much into detail, but he could get his own theme song if he joins us", Kimotimo adds.

The Nordic countries are an aspiring area esports-wise and has many talents, Armada and KMTM Esports just to name a few.



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